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Yosukata Carbon Steel Wok Pan, 14 “ Woks and Stir Fry Pans, Chinese Wok with Round Bottom Wok, Traditional Chinese Japanese Woks, Black Steel Wok


  • Genuine Taste: Discover the rich, authentic flavors of Chinese and other Asian cuisines in your own home. The Yosukata 14 inch wok with round bottom is specially designed to lock the juice and flavor inside the ingredients
  • Pre-Seasoned: Our carbon steel wok is pre-seasoned at high temperatures over 600F using special technics unlike unseasoned woks and stir fry pans. Still require full seasoning with oil like any Chinese wok
  • High-Quality Materials: This large wok pan is made from heavy-duty, black carbon steel. The ergonomic design of the wooden handle ensures a comfy grip when you use this cooking wok
  • Versatility: In addition to stir-frying, with the Yosukata 14” pow wok, you can cook healthy meals using various traditional cooking techniques like pan-frying, braising, deep-frying, etc.
  • Easy Handling And Storage: Our steel wok is convenient to carry and easy to store


  • Brand: Yosukata
  • Dimensions: 5.50 x 23.00 x 14.00 Inches
  • Weight: 3.80 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Size: 14 Inches