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  • Deluxe Series: Includes the Prolux electric power nozzle with a slip-proof belt, height adjustment, and rubber bumpers and the stair pro mini head with electric brush roll (the White Version of the Terravac comes with the standard Prolux power nozzle and air-driven mini head)
  • Cord Rewind: The cord rewinds itself by simply holding down a button on the canister
  • Bags And Filters: Easy to install, large capacity bags and HEPA Filtration will keep all the dust you suck up inside the vacuum
  • Suction Control: Easily choose the amount of suction you need for each job by using the convenient touch screen on the top of the vacuum
  • Standard Tool Kit: Includes every tool needed to vacuum and dust your home


  • Brand: Prolux
  • Dimensions: 27.00 x 15.00 x 16.00 Inches
  • Color: Blue
  • Recommended Surface: Carpet
  • Features: Corded

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