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The Framar Folding Trolley provides an organized, uncluttered work area for all colors, spas, salons, tattoos, microblading, esthetician or art services. Convenient tray for coloring, weaving, perms, hair extensions, and styling. The Framar Folding trolley is also extremely durable, lightweight and very easy to use. Perfect for beauty salon equipment and compact enough to be used in small spaces.


  • Spacious: Large tray measures 14 inches by 15 inches to help organize tools, accessories, colors, treatments, and any of your other cosmetology supplies. Comes Pre-Assembled and is ready to use!
  • Premium Quality: Integrated locking fixtures. Stable, secure, and built to last. Tray top can easily be cleaned and sanitized. Foldable Cart has easy movement, with wheels that glide perfectly on all surfaces.
  • The Perfect Height: Fixed height of 35 inches tall which is perfect while standing, and suitable for any hairdresser.
  • Convenient Size: Folding Trolley folds up to 47 inches and conveniently folds away for condensed space of size. When folded, this cart takes up a minimal amount of space for salon equipment or furniture.
  • Multi-Use: Cart can be used for a professional spa, salon, tattoo, microblading, kitchen, esthetician, or art.


  • Brand: Framar
  • Item Weight: 4.41 Lbs
  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
  • Number of Wheels: 4